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Merintha Garner

September 15 -
Grandma talked about her bean farm (I always thought it was a potato farm, since it is Idaho)

September 16 -
Grandma talked about growing up... knew grandpa from real young but he was a grade older so they didn't start dating until she was a Junior. They dated until she graduated and then got married after her Senior year.
Nector Juice started when they would go fishing (Grandma's favorite juice, when she would fish with Grandpa)
Maple Nut Ice Cream was Leon's favorite too (it is Grandma's favorite)
Grandma went to Hawaii to pick up Dennis from his mission and loved the pineapples (Hula's, she couldn't remember the word and kept calling them Hula's) and she learned to Hula dance (we asked her if she would Hula dance for us and she said she doesn't want to break her hip)
Grandma talked about how she doesn't want a pacemaker because she doesn't want to live to be any older in this physical condition.

September 18 -
We drove past Grandma and her siblings and dad and the other kids old school. She said “now Mexicans have taken it over.”

September 22 -
Grandma was so happy I'm back! “I don't want you to leave again.”
Grandpa had a dog, it died and he was broken up so he got a new one and named it Rover. He taught Rover to go under the chicken coop and get the eggs without breaking them (Sweet). When Rover died he decided he was done with dogs.
K- Grandma how old are you? G- 83 K- Good age. G- What! (so funny face)
“I want my chair, well electric chair... I think that might tingle a little.”
Grandpa's proposal... He took Grandma to a movie then afterwards they were just talking and he says I have something for ya. He pulls out a beautiful ring box and said will this fit you. Then he gave it to her and asked can I have that back, I got this from a dime store so I want to get you a real one.
Grandpa was just like a son to Grandma's dad so he was thrilled.
Grandma's dad was going on a trip to Vernal Utah and asked if Carl wanted to go even though he wasn't a son. That night Grandma's dad forgot his pajama's so Carl let him wear his.
Grandma's ring is her second one. Her first one was silver and she wore it all the way through so she picked out this new one.
“I was going with three Garner's at the same time. Cousins. Oh and what a Christmas I had. I knew what I was doing.” One cousin gave her a dresser set with a mirror (she liked him the least). The other cousin gave her a compact with gold on it. And Carl gave her a blue satin robe with silver running through it.
I wore my shorts that say “One Love” on the butt (Meaghan's tennis shorts). Grandma stares at my butt and says cute!
“What are they gonna do with us old people... Do you think they'll have computers in heaven... If they have computers in heaven I'm lost.”
Grandma talked about how she's sad grandpa went first, she wanted to because now he's going to be so far ahead of her, with him being gone for twenty years already.
G- Do you want a piece of candy? K- No thanks. G- Well you better have one so you can round out.

September 23 -
Carla and Lyn stopped by (Lyn is Grandpa's cousin)
Grandma went to the Twin Fall Temple dedication and loved it (it was a while ago).
My mother used to tell me Merintha if you take one more bite like that you'll have to leave the table (Grandma was eating breakfast and her last bite as big).
“Oh I was supposed to die 3 months ago.”
Grandma talked about the Nauvoo Temple and how the family went and she got to watch the Grandchildren do baptisms for the dead and then was taken up to the celestial room and she got to watch the adults come out (everyone all in white).
Drove past the house that Grandma's oldest brother built an used to live in (all her siblings but one sister have passed away).
Almost every Saturday we'd all get together and bring a lunch and water ski. Dennis and Doyle were good even when they were young (Doyle was always a little better though).

September 24 -
“Last night I had a dream with my brothers, my twin brothers” (I didn't know she had twin brothers).
Grandma used to love to fish. She'd stay until dark and Grandpa would wait in the car for her to finally be done. “There was always one more for me to get.”

September 25 -
We went and sat on the deck. Grandma told me that they used to have a green carpet out there. They would have meals, and they were so nice. With long tables and so much room.
They used to water the grass and they would flood it. The kids would splash and play in the wet grass, the grass was perfect for the kids.

September 26 -
Grandma got a picture in the mail of her, dad, Thayne, and Cache. She goes on and on about it, she looks at it all the time. “That Doyle always sounds so happy and jovial, like nothing bad has ever happened... Thayne looks so proud. He's such a nice boy too... It's mine? I'm so happy!”
Grandma and the kids used to wake up early, the whole family. The boys would milk the cows, we would make breakfast and straighten up their rooms. Then they'd come in and we'd all eat together.
Grandma used to go out and work/ride with my husband when we were first married. We'd sing and talk and just have a good time.

September 29 -
Grandma used to work on the farm, she wasn't very big but still worked along side everyone. He and the other kids used to play kick the can and there was a bush that one kid would always hide behind and jump out trying to scare everyone else.
One year Santa Claus gave her an electric stove for Christmas. She had a little pan and her mom would give her some sugar and cream and sit over the stove and just stir. One time her brother Earl was mad because she made fudge and didn't save any for him. (Earl was one of the twins)
“I had so much fun with twin brothers and then twin sons.”
Grandma and her siblings didn't fight much, they were all really close. Some of us had our days, but nothing really.
Her twin brothers, Earl and Verl wouldn't want to go to church sometimes and so Grandma's dad would say you know you want to go so just run and get your clothes on (when Grandma's dad said something her ment business).
Grandpa's sister had twin girls, another had a boy and a girl twin, and she had Doyle and Dennis (there were all right around the same age too).
Whenever they would go camping as a family or as a church group, Grandma would always have a bag of caramels made up.
“When we built this house one of the first things was that I wanted a dishwasher.”
Fred... Hyrum... Alma... Roy (he was Bishop for 19 years)... Loin... Afton... George... Earl and Verl... Marrie

October 1 -
Grandma and Grandpa went to Israel after Shanna graduated. In St. Thomas Grandpa bought Grandma a ruby necklace.
“I've now made candy with Kariana, cookies with Jeff, and pancakes with Mark.”

October 6 -
Grandma used to hang the sheets and clothes on the two clothes lines in the back, it was hard with twins and all the diapers.
“That church there, we helped build it.” (While driving today.)

October 10-
Girls camp up by the 4-h grandma was in for years.
Grandma was only a girl and her and her girlfriend went horseback riding and they were giggling and laughing and Grandma got to laughing so hard that she slid right off the horse.

October 13-
“Terry didn't used to be as handy. But he's watched Doyle and now he does more things himself.”

October 14-
“I have a picture from Hoover dam. Grandpa is holding baby, Karlene.”

October 20-
Three months after Grandpa passed away, the Bishop called Grandma in and asked her to be relief society president. Grandma said it was hard at first but it was wonderful. Grandma made it and she's so glad she did. It was a funny calling, the Bishop called her in Sunday morning and said “I was taking a shower this morning and had inspiration to call you to be relief society president.”

October 21-
Grandma had a cousin that built a beautiful brick home out past Burley. It had a pool and they would have family reunions out there. “I thought they had everything. I wouldn't trade a thing!”
Grandma had a brother that worked out past Burley. They'd drive out and see him.
In Oakley is where the first saints came and landed.

October 24-
“Maybe they'll have a nice one for me in the beyond. You go find out.” (Talking about her wedding ring).
Grandma used to have big old groups for Christmas, fifty or so. Grandpa would always carve the turkey.
Grandma had her stroke in 2000 and that's why she has so much trouble walking.
“We walked, dad and I, on the beach and we were so white and everyone else was tan. We walked out and next thing we know there is a big water wall. Everyone knew we were from the country.”

October 27-
Grandma and Grandpa furnished a float for July fourth, they were old farmers and Dean Cameron headed it up.

October 28-
Grandma used to have seventy or so pigs. They'd have a truck full of food and Carl would have Grandma stand and hold the fence but when the pigs came out there was no holding them and they ran right over her.
When Grandma was younger her and her family went to Texas and saw a bull fight. The bulls would tare into each other, she prefers rodeo's.

October 29-
Grandma had a dream that her, her mother, and her brother were just sitting on steps. “It was nice. I was happy.”
Grandma went to Israel with Grandpa and there was a place that they could take people on camel rides. “I was up high, it hurt but I was glad I did it but I was glad to get off.”

October 30-
Grandma and Grandpa went to Las Vegas. There were a lot of people busy gambling. There wasn't much else to do. They went to a show and a “negro” sang. “He sang until sweat was dripping, he made his money worth that day.”

October 31-
On voting day the square used to be full of drunks. One time a cop called grandpa because there was an Indian who was drunk and they didn't know what to do with him. Grandpa was Bishop and so that's why they called, Grandpa took him to a motel and got him a room.
“You make me feel more like home.”
Grandma and Grandpa went to Mexico while they were forming the temple foundation.

November 6-
The last thing Grandma saw before her mother and father passed away was her mom, she was in a beautiful white dress that she made and she was in the kitchen and Grandma's father came in and embraced her and then kissed her. That was the first time Grandma's father did that. People didn't kiss in front of people like they do now.

November 12-
“We used to go down to SLC for conference and we stayed in a hotel a couple blocks away and we'd race each other.”

November 13-
The first time grandma was on a plane grandpa said “I want your hand. If we go down, we go down together.”
Grandma used to wear tight curls to her shoulders for school.
About four or five years ago grandma looked out the window and saw her green trashcan flying down the road because of the wind. So she went out to get it and as she was walking back with the trashcan behind her the wind picked up her and the trashcan. Grandma fell back right on her head. It was like a hammer and I've been no good since.

04.25.09(Jessica Facebook)
Post #1
Jessica Wilde
Hey, I just wanted to start putting updates here for all of you wondering what Grandma is feeling like. It seems like things with her are never the same, so I didn't want to bombard you all with texts or emails. Now you can just log on and check her status when you 're interested.
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Jessica Wilde
I don't know how much everyone has heard, but Grandma isn't doing well. She had a good morning yesterday with Arlene and ate a big breakfast. She even felt good enough to have Arlene curl her hair before breakfast, but while she was eating she slumped over in her chair. Arlene thought she was asleep at first but soon figured out she had gone unconscious. She called Terry who came right over. When Terry came over she had stopped breathing, but eventually it came back. They just watched her for a while and then eventually the nurse came. It turns out she had a stroke and as a result the right side of her body is currently paralyzed. They said we'd know more after 24 hours. Since her feeling hasn't come back yet it is possible it won't, but we will probably know more after the nurse comes back around noon today.
I don't know how many details you want so I am just going to tell you everything I know. My mom and I dropped everything at that point yesterday and ran up to be with her. We know she can hear our voice and knows we are there. She can't speak and hasn't been able to since her stroke. She hadn't open her eyes at all until this morning, and even then only has opened them two or three times just a little bit. We don't know if she could see but can see that she did open her eyes a little bit for a few seconds.
She can't communicate with us. Really the only thing that works well is her left hand and arm. Sometimes she moves her left leg. She can move her hand and hold our hand. Yesterday she would smile (with only her left side) but today I have only seen an almost smile once or twice...and I don't know if it was voluntary. With that said, I have been at Terry's (to work since he has the internet) for a few hours so she may have smiled while I was over here. Since she can't communicate with us which is hard because we don't know what she wants or if she needs anything, but we are doing our best to make sure she is comfortable.
I know she knows we are there though because when we first walked in as soon as she heard my voice she started breathing faster. When she heard my mom's voice she reached up her hand. When Terry came she let go of my hand and lifted up her hand for his.
She has had a hard time breathing, so her bed is elevated and she is propped up with pillows to where she is almost sitting. Her breathing is labored although pretty constant, and you can hear a crackling sound as she breathes.
She can't eat or drink anything. She can't swallow so we take a small spounge and wet her lips and inside of her mouth sometimes to keep her mouth from being dry. It looks like she has only been breathing through her mouth. We have to be careful when we do this because if we get more than a few drops in her mouth she chokes and can't breathe.
We are trying our best to keep her comfortable. I know she can hear our voice and knows we are there. I imagine it's frustrating not being able to communicate back, but I don't know how much she is aware of at this point.
The nurse is supposed to call at 12. I think we may look into a catheter because it is really hard on her when we change her. Moving her around seems to make her breathing harder. However when the nurse came yesterday after the stroke she said her vitals were good. Her oxygen was at 95 (with her oxygen on) and her pulse was 80 I think. I know her pulse was 80 last night.
Keep her in your prayers...I know this is a hard time for everyone. 1 person can no longer take care of her. We are just keeping someone with her around the clock so she isn't scared, and so we can help her since she can't call us.
Right now my mom and Arlene are giving her a sponge bath and changing her bedding. That should make her more comfortable. Her face and hands felt cold yesterday, but then last night they both got very hot. This morning they cooled down again but just about an hour ago they got very hot again. We think she has a fever but haven't taken her temperature.
When we aren't holding her hand she uses it to pick at her clothing and bedding. Meticulous movements that seem to be involuntary or have no meaning.
That's all I know right now. Obviously no one knows what we are really dealing with yet. Since she can't swallow we put 1 adivan (pill) under her tongue every so often which calms her down and makes her breathing not so labored.
I will keep you updated! Text me with any questions. Anytime. 801-687-7441
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Jessica Wilde
Noon Friday- She is clean with clean sheets and is fast asleep on her favorite side. She seems to be sleeping well, which is good
Post #4
Jessica Wilde
2:30 Friday - the nurse came. She is comfortable. Her face is calm and her vitals are good. She started opening her eyes but can't speak. We aren't sure if she can see. The nurse said things look as expected and pretty stable. We put in a catheter.
After the nurse left terry and Richard gave her a beautiful blessing.
Doyle is on the phone now talking to her. Her eyes are open a little bit.
Dennis is coming tonight and my mom and I are planning on going home tomorrow if things go well tonight. The nurse said we should be ok to go back for the weekend.
Post #5
Jessica Wilde
4:30 Friday- she is having a hard time breathing--has been for about 30 minutes Terry is holding her hand and we are trying to get her to relax. She is doing a little better and is cooling down a little (she gets really hot when she struggles to breathe) but she is still having a hard time. Her pulse is racing.
Post #6
Jessica Wilde
5:15 - she has calmed down a little bit and is sleeping now. She is still having labored breathing but the nurse will be here in about 30 minutes. She looks relaxed and calm although fidgety.
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Jessica Wilde
6:30 - the nurse just came. She was struggling with her breath again and is breathing very noisily. We switched her patch to a higher dose and gave her 1 1/2 adivan to make her more comfortable. She is now sleeping and although her body is struggling her face is calm and she looks peaceful.
The nurse stressed the importance of making the room relaxing. She suggested rubbing her back or arms to comfort her. We are playing soft music and holding her hand as she sleeps.
Prognosis- both nurses this morning and tonight agree we are looking at no more than a week to ten days although obviously no one can predict. The nurse tonight kept stressing the importance of just making her comfortable.
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Jessica Wilde
8:15 - she is still sleeping so peacefully. Arlene came back to bring us oils to rub on her feet to calm her. We are using lavender and cedar wood. Arlene is telling us about how cedar wood unscrambles peoples DNA. She said Solomons house was made out of cedar which is what makes him so wise She also said it helps you from going bald. I don't know about that but it should help calm Grandma and that's what matters.
Post #13
Jessica Wilde
10:30 - we crushed up 1 1/2 adivan and put it under her tounge. She didn't wake up. Her breathing is steady and not as labored but rattling. We decided to split up the night into 5 shifts. My shift is from 10-12 then Cathryn will be here from 12-2 then Dennis from 2-4 then terry from 4-6 then my mom from 6-8. Our rule is if things get hard we wake someone else up so we are not alone.
Post #15
Jessica Wilde
Midnight - Cathryn came to take over her shift. Her pulse was 64 and she was taking 40 breaths per minute.
1:10 am Cathryn was here. Her pulse was 62 with 34 breaths per minute.
2:30 am - Dennis was up with her. He gave her 1 1/2 adivan and she is taking 32 breaths per minute.
5:15 am - Terry's shift. My mom and I got up when we could hear her loud rattling from the other room. She is working very hard to breathe. Although she is awake and her eyes are open she seems pretty calm. The Mormon tabernacle choir is on in the background. She keeps reaching in front of her. My mom is on one side
holding her hand and Terry is on the other.
We gave her 2 adivan to try to help calm her. She is sweating from working so hard. Still her face seems calm and comfortable.
Her pulse is 132 but going down. She is taking 56 breaths per minute. We just took her pulse again which is now 76 but irregular and we can tell she has calmed down a bit.
Post #17
Jessica Wilde
6:00 am - Her breathing was consistent although loud. She would reach up and forward with her arm toward something we couldn't see Her breathing went quiet and shallow for 30 seconds and then stopped. Her face was calm and she wasn't struggling. Her breathing stopped at exactly 6:00 am. and she was gone. Our sweet Grandma has finally returned back home to her parents, siblings, husband, and son. What a wonderful day for her. I couldn't be more proud of her.
Post #18
Jessica Wilde
Plans - we are looking at holding the funeral at 11 AM Wednesday.

Merintha May Garner
December 8, 1920 - April 25, 2009

Merintha May Blacker Garner, 88, of Rupert, Idaho passed away on Saturday April 25, 2009 at her home surrounded by her family. She was born December 8, 1920, in Rupert, Idaho, the daughter of Thomas Blacker and Hettie Mae Wilkes Blacker. Merintha was the ninth of twelve children. She was raised in Rupert, attended Pioneer School and graduated from Rupert High School.

She married Carl Beazer Garner on December 4, 1940, in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. She enjoyed working with her husband on their farm northwest of Rupert. Merintha loved spending time with her family fishing, cooking and being with them.

She has been an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She served in many positions including Primary President, Young Women’s President, and Relief Society President. Merintha loved serving with her husband in the Singles Ward, and supporting her husband while he served as the Rupert West Stake President.

Merintha is survived by her children: Karlene McBride, Terry (Cathryn) Garner, Dennis (Amelia) Garner, Doyle (Karen) Garner, and Shanna (David) Hollan, 32 grandchildren, and 34 great-grandchildren. She is preceded in death by her husband, an infant son Lonnie Ray, one great-grandson Austin Terry Garner, and her parents and siblings.
Tuesday April 28, 2009, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at Rupert West LDS Stake Center
Funeral Service
Wednesday April 29, 2009, 11:00 a.m. at Rupert West LDS Stake Center
Wednesday April 29, 2009 at Rupert Cemetery